Links from the past weeks

  • If Books Could Kill – Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers
    Michael Hobbs asked what is the most harmful airport book, and following up on this interesting question, he does a podcast about Malcolm Gladwell’s very popular book. It is worth a listen.
    I looked through my Goodreads and I’ve read 4 of Gladwell’s books, giving them around 3 stars each. Gladwell’s books had its attraction. He was able to write about things in an interesting way. But as the podcast shows, some basic fact-checking might bring some interesting finds!

  • Another podcast: Is pay transparency good?
    Apparently not always – because you need to factor in equal increase for all workers and therefore bosses will make increments smaller and/or be more cautious about any increase.

  • Word Persons and Web Persons
    In the wake of the Twitter exodus, we have all read pieces on the resurgence of blogging, but I particularly enjoyed this one by Roy Tang.

  • What really matters.
    The economy and the markets are giving people pause these days. It is good to spend some time thinking about what really matters, and calm yourself.

  • I watched a documentary on Netflix called Generation Wealth. I stayed mostly because of the great visuals. Lauren Greenfield’s photographs are gorgeous. This peek into extreme wealth is fascinating but it also induces a feeling of repulsiveness. I also noted that Greenfield and her family are featured quite a bit in this show. Does this make the film better or worse? Overall, I would still recommend a watch.

  • A reminder to turn gratitude into grace.